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  1. Lexus GS F News

    Lexus celebrates 10 years of F performance with special RC F, GS F

    Ten years ago, Lexus launched its F performance brand in a big way with the V8-powered IS F. To celebrate its decade-long life so far, a pair of also-V8-powered Lexus F models, the RC F and GS F, will get special editions. Sadly, they don't get any performance upgrades over the normal models...
  2. Lexus GS F News

    2016 Lexus GS F review

    Through no fault of my own, I managed to put over 1,600 miles on this GS F, including one short stretch of very spirited driving on a very tight, twisty, 42-mile-long hill-country pass. So I may be uniquely qualified in all the world (or at least at Autoweek) to comment on it. The first leg of...
  3. Lexus GS F News

    2016 Lexus GS F

    What's a nearly $90,000 hot-rod sedan doing with fixed-rate dampers and a naturally aspirated engine in the year 2016? Besides getting its doors blown off by the competition in straight-line acceleration? The 2016 Lexus GS F invites senior managers and junior execs to enjoy driving again...
  4. Lexus GS F News

    First Drive: 2016 Lexus GS F

    Never bring a knife to a gun fight. It's an old adage, but apparently one that Lexus decided to ignore with the GS F. These days if you're wielding a big V8 you really need 500bhp before you get any respect, and here's Lexus coming in with 'just' 477bhp. And a miserable 391lb ft of torque as...
  5. Lexus GS F News

    2016 Lexus GS F First Test Review

    Name the most famous trio in automotive journalism. That didn?t take long?those bumbling Brits, right? But among the gardening staff who park near our figure-eight course in Lot 2 of California Speedway in Fontana, California, I?d like to think it?s actually the feisty Motor Trend test team of...
  6. Lexus GS F News

    Lexus launches the GSF

    With a 5-liter V8 engine and eight-speed sports transmission, yet four doors and plenty of luggage space, the latest hot Lexus to carry the ?F' badge merges power with practicality. Based on the already comfortable and technologically advanced GS sedan, the new ?F' variant brings a heavy dose...
  7. Lexus GS F News

    Lexus GS F to make European dynamic debut at Festival of Speed

    The new Lexus GS F will be driven in public for the first time at the Goodwood Festival of Speed (26 to 28 June). The latest Lexus to carry the marque?s F performance designation will give a first European demonstration of its speed and handling on Goodwood?s famous hillclimb course, with...
  8. Lexus GS F News

    2016 Lexus GS F Goes Back to Basics

    To ensure that nothing is lost in translation, Yukihiko Yaguchi pulls out his iPhone and scrolls through the photos. The chief engineer of the 2016 Lexus GS F stops on a pic of a mid-90s Toyota Chaser-a Japanese-market mid-size sedan-sporting a tiger decal on the hood and orange stripes across...
  9. Lexus GS F News

    Lexus, Buick top J.D. Power reliability survey, but tech bugs still common

    The J.D. Power Vehicle Dependability Study, a two-decade look at the problems in cars and trucks after three years of ownership, has been a glass half-full/half-empty exercise for a few years now. If you're an optimist, you'd say the list of most-reported faults ? led by bad Bluetooth...
  10. Lexus GS F News

    Lexus launches sporty GS F

    LEXUS is showing its sporty disposition with the GS F performance sedan which has been revealed at the North American International Auto Show on Tuesday. The GS F is the latest vehicle to join Lexus' high-performance 'F' line that already includes the RC F coupe. The new addition combines a...
  11. Lexus GS F News

    Lexus' GS F boasts a 5.0-liter, 467-hp V8. Is it enough to take on BMW M and Mercedes-AMG?

    Lexus has been long known as a quality brand, but not necessarily one that gets your heart racing. The Japanese outfit makes good cars, of course, but you rarely felt the same shiver you got when you laid eyed upon its hopped-up German competitors. Enter the Lexus 'F' line, a...
  12. Lexus GS F News

    Lexus GS F shows the V8 is still cool

    2015 Detroit motor show: More details of the Lexus GS F have been released. The V8 saloon will be the second addition to the F range, which began with RC F Coupe. The GS F Saloon is a four-door with 470bhp and 530Nm of torque, generated by a 5.0-litre 32-valve DOHC V8. That's a healthy...
  13. Lexus GS F News

    First Look: 2016 Lexus GS F

    Lexus came out swinging at the North American International Auto Show this year with the Lexus F-Series performance lineup. The rear-drive GS F will give Lexus an entry against high-performance luxury sedans from Audi and Mercedes. Lexus also showed off a new race car that will do battle in...
  14. Lexus GS F News

    2016 Lexus GS F Sedan

    The 2016 Lexus GS F is an all-new model. The latest model to join Lexus' high-performance "F" range, the 2016 Lexus GS F extends the automaker's presence in an elite class of rivals. Luxury features, athletic handling and snarling power are hallmarks of "F" cars like the current RC F coupe and...
  15. Lexus GS F News

    2015 Lexus RC F Built by Beyond Marketing

    The V8-powered 2015 Lexus RC F hit the world market at just the right time to compete against the new BMW M4 at a base price of $63k. Both share a RWD 400hp+ performance backbone with premium interior and clean styling. For SEMA 2014, Gordon Ting of Beyond Marketing in Los Angeles unveiled a...
  16. Lexus GS F News

    2016 Lexus GS F - 2015 Detroit Auto Show
  17. Lexus GS F News

    Lexus GS F - The Reveal
  18. Lexus GS F News

    Lexus GS F injects excitement under hood and in design

    Lexus unveiled the new GS F performance sedan Tuesday at the North American International Auto Show, a car that offers innovative technology, an emotional exterior design and engaging driving dynamics. The GS F is the latest vehicle to join Lexus' high-performance "F" line as a balanced sedan...
  19. Lexus GS F News

    Lexus GS F becomes brand's performance-sedan beast

    Toyota's Lexus luxury car brand can't get enough of its F performance line, adding a hot-performance midsize sedan to complement its coupe. The new GS F that rolled on stage at the North American International Auto Show here Tuesday will have the same engine as the RC F coupe, a 5-liter V-8...
  20. Lexus GS F News

    2016 Lexus GS F is Japan's answer to the BMW M5

    With a 5.0-liter V-8 making 467-horsepower, the 2016 GS F is Lexus's entry into the super sedan segment long dominated by cars like the BMW M5, Mercedes-Benz E63 AMG, and Cadillac CTS-V. Achtung, BMW! The Lexus GS F is fresh off the boat from Japan, and here for a slice of the super sedan pie...