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    Purchased Magnaflow 19182 | Lexus RC-F | 5L | Quad Exit Axle Back

    Curious about the sound as well. We found a deal on 4Wheelonline and he's highly considering them.
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    What did you do to your Rc F today ?

    Lots of cool cars there!
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    Would Staggered F-Sport Wheels Fit 2016 Lexus LS 460

    Howdy! Did you tried if they fit? We'll check this LS460 project next week once we finish installing the rotors and black rhino wheels on the truck this weekend. The LS460 might need at least 2 wheels.
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    Headlights not working

    Howdy! Have you figured out the issue?
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    Hey, there! What ride you got?
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    Can we get a Morizo-specific Thread?

    That would be a good future reference for Morizo owners.
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    New 2022 RC F owner

    Howdy! What mods have you done so far?
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    Hello from northern New Jersey!

    Too bad to hear about your Camaro. Congrats on your new ride
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    Hallo aus Mannheim Germany 👋

    Hey there! Maybe try the Google translate to English.
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    New to the group

    Hey, all! We're interested in this 2015 RC-F and just glad to find this nice community. I'll be reading around.