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    Dusty pads?

    Just got my first service done today after 8 months of ownership and only 3500 miles. Only thing I complained about the car was the pads noise and dust. Since the RC-F comes with high friction pads, this is to be expected and almost necessary from a performance standpoint but for daily driving...
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    Bi-Turbo Mercedes AMG GTS battles Lexus RCF!

    The car I was going to get before the RC-F, until I woke up and realized it's way out of my price range. The RC-F is a fat bitch. Needs to lose about 700 pounds to make it competitive. Was the same problem with my Evo X MR. 445whp 392wtq. Car was noticeably quicker than the RC-F but even...
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    Vossen Wheels VFS-2 on Lexus RC-F

    Whenever I see a ton of spokes, i think to myself.....what a massive pain in the ass to clean! For that reason as well as the look of the wheel, I'd pass. Anything that has to do with looks, is all a matter of personal taste. It may be the sexiest thing you've ever seen but the ugliest for the...
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    Dusty pads?

    Extremely dusty and the brake noise makes it damn near embarrassing to drive, like my pads are worn or something. They have great bite but for stuck in traffic driving, they are terrible and embarrassing.
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    New Owner: Ultrasonic Mica Blue 2.0 w/Circuit Red Interior

    I've got the same exact color combo and even wheels. Welcome to an ultra rare club! When I had purchased mine back in March, there were less than 5 in the U.S. in that color combo! You can bet you won't see that combo in your neighborhood.
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    Lexus RC F Sport Slammed on Vossen Wheels

    Stance look is so juvenile and riced out. Why anyone would consider destroying their suspension and make it more dangerous to drive is beyond my basic comprehension.
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    Love my Ultrawhite

    I've seen quite a few in l.a....even another ultrasonic blue with red interior like mine which is supposed to be the most rare color combo out there. White with red was my second option.
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    Sport v. Sport +

    What advice is there to give? Switch from one to the other n see if u notice a difference and make note of the differences that u feel. I drive in eco mode in city traffic and even on freeways most of the time. No reason to waste unnecessary gas. Not that I got it to save on gas obviously but...
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    New owner, need help!

    It's a car, not a showpiece. Unless this vehicle of yours will only bounce from car show to car show, expect imperfections. Even if the car arrives flawless, damage to paint is inevitable. Total waste of time makin a big deal out of it...especially on a white car that hides those imperfections...
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    Toyota along with other manufacturers doesn't want you to mod your cars

    I'd say good luck with enforcing that. Tuning scene and working on your own car will never disappear unless they stop making cars altogether. Illegal to work on your own car and even if it's paid off, u don't actually own said car? Lol what a joke.
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    RC F Gripes

    Guess it's a good thing i don't have to worry about either of those two problems. 50 degrees is freezing for us spoiled socal residents and i live in the garage which is a converted 1 bedroom unit so no garage doors to worry about :) No gripes with the car thus far. Getting in and out of the...
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    Lexus RC F

    My exact car except obviously mines a left side driver. Best color combo in my opinion. Ergos are definitely a bit odd and I'm only 6'0. Getting in and out the car is a bit challenging. Plenty of leg room inside though.
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    What does everyone do for a living?

    Meter Reader for Department of Water and Power. City jobs are great!
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    Crazy Lexus ISF Twin Turbo Crash

    Holyyyyy shittttttt!!!!
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    Rocket Bunny V1 Aero wide body kit for the Lexus RC-F with GT-Wing

    I wouldn't pay $11 to put that on my car, let alone $11k. I do like the car color though.
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    Aimgain VIP Sport Lexus RC F

    Poor RC-F. Such a sexy car but dressed with some hideous wheels.
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    Lexus RC Body Kit by TC Concepts

    That is fierce!! Would look amazing on my blue but i definitely don't plan on body mods.
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    New RC-F Owner

    What's up folks, New to the forum and coming from a 2010 Evo MR-Touring which was heavily modified and decided to jump ship into luxury in hopes of avoiding the temptation to modify a car and just enjoy it for what it is but only time will tell. My color tastes are always drawn to what is rare...