The LA Clippers and Lexus Are Giving Away a Crazy Customized RC F


If you?re a fan of Lexus, and the NBA? Then you?d better call a cleaning crew because your head is about to explode. Have you called them? Are they on their way? Ok, good. No reason for your loved ones to have to clean up the mess after your noggin combusts from sheer elation.

The Los Angeles Clippers and Lexus have paired up to raffle off a wildly customized Lexus RC F, and if you are at least 18 years old, and live within 75 miles of Los Angeles, you?re eligible to buy a ticket. They don?t specify whether the 75-mile radius is measured from downtown LA proper, or from the Los Angeles county line, which could result in an entertaining legal battle since Los Angeles isn?t really a city, but rather a bunch of mini-cities all elbowing for room under one giant smog umbrella. Except for Santa Monica of course, Santa Monica don?t give a damn about being part of Los Angeles. Tickets for the raffle are $100 each, or $150 for two, so unless you?re a real penny pincher, probably smart to spring for two and double your chances of winning. Should you in fact win the raffle, you?ll take home an RC F that is only marginally more outlandish looking than a standard model. You get a paint job featuring real plays from Doc River?s playbook*, seats with embroidered Clippers logos, a steering wheel made to look like a basketball hoop, and of course, that classic Lexus styling underneath it all. In the trunk you?ve got storage for whiteboards, a basketballs, your shoes, and a hat, which may or may not come with the car.

The basketball style speaker covers are pretty darn cool, but it?s the shot clock in the dash that takes the cake. I?ve been saying it for years, all new cars should have a 24 second clock in the dash, it would help alleviate road rage. Just think, you?re about to loose your cool because the person in front of you is still Snapchatting when the light turns green, but instead you take 24 seconds of deep breaths to calm yourself down. Hopefully Lexus realizes the value in this and decides to put them in all their vehicles in the future. If they don?t, I bet Hyundai would be interested, they?re down for anything.